Below are some questions that are frequently asked

How long has Digital Shovel been around?2018-07-04T03:06:32+00:00

We have been involved in mining for 2 years. We started developing our own hosting facility in containers for our own rigs at the end of 2017, and began offering hosting in May of 2018.

Can we visit your site?2018-07-04T03:06:57+00:00

For the protection of our current clients, and for liability reasons we do not allow site visits for clients with less than 2000 rigs. For clients with 2000+ rigs, this needs to be substantiated and a site visit can be booked.

What is your uptime guarantee?2018-07-04T03:07:16+00:00

Our current uptime guarantee is 95%, though we strive for 100%. Many of our sites participate in “peak shaver” type programs to keep electricity rates low. This means during approximately 30 hours over the course of the year we shut down. This is less than 1%, and we generally give notice to clients a few hours in advance of this happening.